The Chef’s Cuisine at the Auberge du Cep, Michelin-starred restaurant in the Rhone

Having grown up between the Beaujolais, Bresse, Dombes and Mâconnais regions, you could say that Chef Aurélien Merot, knows the local produce and its producers like the back of his hand. And today, he draws on this strong, selecting with true rigour and passion, the very best this bountiful terroir has to offer.

The Chef reinterprets the great classics introducing tangy notes, inspired from both near and far, and placing particularly emphasis on his sauces and jus. The end result is one in which the produce is both honoured and magnified, revealing myriad layers of flavours.

Producers and partners

The Chef chooses the produce with which he creates his cuisine with true rigour and passion. He knows all the producers, some of whom for many years. They meet regularly and share the same values and high expectations of quality. Theses wine growers, farmers, market gardeners and fishermen all work together to safeguard the heritage and savoir-faire of Beaujolais, Burgundy and beyond.

“With all our producers, we have a long-standing relationship of trust and
are driven by one all-encompassing emotion: a love of the produce and the land upon which it grows.” Aurélien Merot

The family home has been set in the Bressanes farmyards since 1919. Nowadays, Valery and Florent, great-grandson of Claude Eugene Miéral, hand-select Bresse chickens, pigeons, guinea fowls, ducks and poultry from the plains of Ain. For the enjoyment and pleasure of devotees of fine food.


Situated at 600 metres altitude in the heart of the Beaujolais Vert, Augustin, our gardener-cook, regales us with his love of the land. His exquisite wild herbs, tender shoots and vegetables all combine to illuminate our cuisine.

Augustin’s Kitchen Garden

Working out of Villefranche’s covered market since 1966, our cheesemaker Cédric Blanc selects and ripens cow, goat and sheep cheeses from local producers and other cheese regions. He forges the link between farmers and producers, the terroir and us, to deliver the true authenticity of high-quality produce.

The Fromagerie Blanc

Situated in the village of Beaujeu, Jean-Marc Montegottero has been an oil maker since 1982. He makes virgin oils from a 100% fruit selection to obtain an extremely pure and flavoursome product. His vinegars combine to add aroma and acidity to my cooking, while his selection of spices and Italian products introduce notes from near and far.

Beaujolais Oil Mill