Restaurant in Fleurie

Restaurant in Fleurie near Mâcon

Standing in pride of place on Fleurie’s village square, is the Auberge du Cep gastronomic restaurant, prettily decked out in its soft pink hues. For decades now, it has welcomed regulars from the nearby towns of Beaujolais - Mâcon, Villefranche-sur-Saône and Lyon - on weekend breaks to the Beaujolais wine cellars, as well as tourists and foreign visitors passing through on the renowned Burgundy wine routes.

The Michelin-starred Auberge du Cep restaurant forms part of the Beaujolais landscape, fully in step with this world-renowned, wine-growing region. Set between trails stretching as far as the eye can see and vine-covered slopes that dazzle in autumn and soothe in springtime, this restaurant is the very embodiment of this exceptional terroir with its cultural heritage and unique wine-producing savoir-faire that encapsulates the region’s art de vivre.

Chantal Chagny has been at the restaurant’s helm for close to forty years now, transforming it into a veritable institution of Beaujolais cuisine.
Today, the Auberge du Cep has regained its Michelin star thanks to Chef Aurélien Merot.

Aurélien and Camille have created a warm and convivial atmosphere in which you can savour and enjoy gastronomic regional cuisine that pairs generosity with finesse.
The quality of the region’s produce is second to none and provides the Michelin-starred chef with a superb palette of expression that he further enhances with his remarkable sauces and jus.

Two paths


“After finishing catering college, I joined the team of the Brasserie du Nord, one of Paul Bocuse's establishments. In 2000, I met Chantal Chagny at the Auberge du Cep for the first time. Two years later, I joined Chef Philippe Labbé at the Château de Bagnols, then in Eze at the Chèvre d’Or. I then spent a year at Fouquet’s in Paris before earning my first chef’s position in 2006 at the Château de Pizay. After opening the Bellooga in 2013 alongside Guy Lassausay and Hervé Raphanel, I returned to Fleurie in 2015 to take up the reins of the Auberge du Cep with my wife, Camille.”


“My meeting with Aurélien saw us take over and reopen the Auberge du Cep in November 2015, an iconic Beaujolais dining destination.”

“In Portugal, where I grew up, I began my professional career in clothing industry before going on to take over the family bistro. After arriving in France, I discovered the hotel and restaurant industry and decided to train in this sector.”

A Shared

A shared passion

“We are passionate about the region and its vineyards, epitomised in this century-old Auberge that is a true Beaujolais institution. Fine dining, wine and terroir are the corner stones of our establishment and at the very heart of what it represents. Consequently, our dishes embody both the identity of the restaurant and its chef, as well as acting as reflections of the terroir and its gastronomic traditions.

We want our guests to experience a certain conviviality and, through our cuisine, discover the region, its produce, gastronomy and the men and women who are passionate about its terroir and proud of their roots.
Here, the land and vine are at one!”

Opening times

The Auberge du Cep welcomes you:

From Tuesday to Saturday: 12.15 - 13.30pm and 7.30 - 9pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Auberge du Cep