À la Carte and Set Menus at the Auberge du Cep restaurant

Discover our À La Carte and Set Menus that change in line with the seasons
and in which high-quality fresh produce is placed centre-stage.

Marguerite Chabert

a mouth-watering, gourmet homage to the woman who, in 1946, became France’s first female president of a wine cooperative and to whom the Fleurie appellation owes much of its fame.

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À La Carte menu

The show-stoppers: these dishes explain the renown of this gastronomic restaurant and its Michelin-starred chef, Aurélien Merot, and appear on the Auberge du Cep menu all year round.


Starter: a traditional sweetbread, foie gras and pistachio mustard pâté en croûte

Main course: Ain free-range chicken cooked in Fleurie wine

Dessert: Grand Marnier and Bourbon vanilla soufflé

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